Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to create a CAT LADY!

   Dis iz Bacardi. I iz big man cat .(moms favorite, duh.) Mom pozted BABY pic of mehz! How embarrassinz! Now iz payback. DIS is step by step guide fur all kittiez, how tu createz de Purfect CAT LADY.

STEP 1. Infiltrate ze young human. Nurture kitty thoughts in small child.

(dis iz momz as baby. she pretty cute for humanz.)

Step 2. Remain cute, even when annoyzed.

(momz iz all growed up now... she still pretty cute human.)

Step 3. Claim ze boyfriend. 

(we did  good job wif dis one.)

Den BAMZ! you create CAT LADYYYZ. 

(mom makez GREAT cat, boyfriend iz questionable. hehe)

Step 4. Repeat steps 1-3 with next generation.

(momz human litter.)


Bacardi F. Buddha Belly Ghen-Ghen Dynomite


  1. We cracked up at your Mom's fangs!

  2. Your mom is beautiful! Would you believe my mom didn't have her first kitty until she was 20 years old?

  3. Dis looks to be a good plan!
    Luna & Zulu

  4. Great tips Bacardi! Taking down notes now, although Mummy tells me that she has been a Cat Lady since a little girl, but we will still keep her in check. Daddy is doing a good job for a beginner Cat Man.

    Nishiko xxx


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