Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stripes vs. Solid

As stated in my first post, kitten love for Faux Paw (pretty little persian he is) was not immediate. Our (normally) very friendly tabbies snubbed their noses to the flat-faced alien. While little Faux seemed completely unfazed by the dramatic glares, heavy tension, and the occasional hiss and head wallop, three days of this was BREAKING MY HEART. Time to take action.

ENTER: Comfort Zone with Feliway starter kit. Basically, a scentless air-freshener that claims to release stress reducing pheromones for the low-low price of $50! Not even kidding, our total was $50 for one months supply!! Well here goes nothing, I plug it in... and....Well, nothing... But thats the point isn't it?!? Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see, but everyone's back to their normal, fabulous selves. Lounging, eating, and even PLAYING together. So now I'm left with the question, miracle product or placebo effect? What are your thoughts?  One thing is certain, my house is ADORABLE!

from our very first night together. <3


  1. This is the bloggiest blog that ever been blogged. You blog me away. ;) jk. I'm actually pretty proud of you for doing this.


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